About AICA-be

ABCA/BVKC (AICA Belgium), was created in 1949 and was one of the founding members of AICA, the International Association of Art Critics, subscribing to its objectives and qualifications.

Our Association also hosted the 19th annual congress in 1985, under the excellent organization of Flor Bex, then President, with the active support of the Board of Directors, including Jacques Meuris and Marcel Van Jole, who played an important role in raising the funds.

Today our Association proudly represents nationally 106 members under the Presidency of Mr Emmanuel Lambion.

Secretary / Treasurer
Mr Joan Vandenberghe

Board of Directors
Members: Ms Clémentine Davin, Ms Isabelle De Baets, Ms Liesbeth Decan, Ms Laura Herman, Mr François de Coninck, Ms Pascale Viscardy
Honorary Members: Mr Michel Baudson, Mr Flor Bex, Ms Colette Dubois, Ms Fabienne Dumont, Ms Marie-Pascale Gildemyn



Printed text (catalog, book, magazine ...)

         Up to 3 typewritten pages: 600 euro

         Per additional page: 150 euro

Speech (without printed text): 300 euro

Conference: 400 euro

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