The revival of an old tradition

As of 2016, The Belgian Association of Art Critics returned to the initiative of presenting an honorary award for the best exhibition of the past year. With this annual award ceremony, ABCA / BVKC wants to draw attention to its existence and operation by requesting the cooperation of all its members.

Prizes have been awarded to:

2015: Lili Dujourie, Folds in Time - Plooien in de tijd (S.M.A.K., Ghent and Mu.ZEE, Ostend)

2016: Mira Sanders, Inland Voyages in an Inland Voyage (ARGOS, Brussels)

2017: The Absent Museum (WIELS, Brussels)

2018: James Lee Byars, The Perfect Kiss (M HKA, Antwerp)

2019: Pieter Vermeersch (M Museum, Leuven)

2020-2021: Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Enkel Zicht Naar Zee, Naar West, CC Strombeek; Ah quelle aventure, Bozar, Brussels; De page en page, Raveel Museum, Machelen-aan-de-Leie.

2022: Aline Bouvy, Cruising Bye, (MACS, Grand-Hornu)

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Lili Dujourie, Folds in Time_Installation view_S.M.A.K.